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Beetle Extermination

There’s nothing quite as alarming as seeing a huge black beetle scuttle across the kitchen floor. An infestation of these bugs is irritating and unsanitary, which is why you’ll want to get professional beetle extermination from Proficient Termite Control as soon as possible.

A beetle and termite control service will easily be able to eliminate roaches, beetles, ants, and more. An exterminator can also be hired to wipe out large-scale termite control problems. Beetle and termite removal is an important part of property ownership, as the presence of such bugs will make it unappealing to guests, the residents and potential buyers, not to mention they could make the property structurally unsound.

The Proficient Termite Control is dedicated to cleaning up Pinole, CA. Known as expert exterminators, they also offer a number of services, including fumigation and pest control. Call them if you have an insect problem in your house, and they’ll quickly take care of it for you.